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ACE Glucometer Brochure

ACE Glucometer (Blood Glucose Meter) is the latest model from Pulsatom Healthcare, manufacturer of India's first indigenous Glucometer (Blood Glucose Meter). ACE has been designed to provide a "ACCURATE", "COMPACT" and "ECONOMICAL" solution to meet your blood glucose monitoring requirements.

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Portable Vital Signs Monitor (NIBP/SpO2/TEMP)

Vital Signs Monitor (NIBP/SpO2/TEMP) is a non-invasive, vital signs patient monitor. It is suitable for monitoring adult and child patients. It is widely used in the hospital’s operation room, ICU, clinic section office, out-patient department, sickroom, emergency treatment, and the recovery and health care organizations, or in the family nursing and in the process of transporting patients.

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GM3+ Blood Glucometer

Pulsatom Health Care now introduces the latest upgrade for GM3 Blood Glucose Monitors. The GM3+ Meter now comes with additional features but no additional cost. Test Strips used for GM3+ are compatible with the earlier GM3 and Pulsatom Blood Glucomonitor.

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Safe Care ECG Monitor

Safecare ECG recorders are ECG instrument featuring simultaneous 12-lead signal acquisition. Their features include high-resolution thermal array printing system, high performance single-chip computer and large memory capacity. The advanced features make it ideal for the ECG examination in clinic and hospitals.Three models of the ECG monitor are available with a 1 Channel, 3 Channel and 12 Channel output.

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Safe Care Fetal Doppler Heart Rate Monitor

Safe Care Fetal Doppler heart Rate monitors are a low cost and high performance fetal heart beat detector. They are suitable for use by the private obstetrician's office, antepartum clinic, obstetrical department of hospital and remote monitoring situations, or even for use at home!

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