Safecare Blood Pressure Monitor 102M

Measuring your blood pressure at home and keeping a record of the different measurements will show you and your doctor how much your blood pressure changes during the day. Your doctor can use your measurements to see how your blood pressure medicine is working. To measure your blood pressure at home, you can use either an mercury sphygmomanometer or a digital monitor. The sphygmomanometer device has a mercury column that is read by looking at the mercury level while checking your pulse with a Stethoscope. On the other hand; Safecare Digital monitors are fully automatic and dispalys your readings on a digital screen.

Safecare range of Digital Automatic Blood Pressure monitors are fully automatic and the cuffs inflate & deflate automatically. They require no Stethoscope.

Your heart will be safe under the watchful eyes of a Safe Care Blood Pressure Monitor. Regular monitoring would help you in preventing potential health problems in the future.

Just Click on its many features below and see how SAFECARE Blood Pressure Monitor will keep a safe watch on your heart and give value for your investment.

Features of BP Monitor 102M

Safecare Blood Pressure Monitor BP102M uses a advanced oscillometric measurement technology to monitoring blood pressure from the arm – all with the push of a button. These features that will make its use easy and useful to monitor your blood pressure.

  • Oscillometric principle of measurement
  • Small & Portable
  • Cuffs available in Small, Regular and Large Size
  • Automatic Pressurization (Inflation & Deflatiuon)
  • Large LCD Display (LCD)
  • 120 Memories
  • Power Source AA four Batteries; A/c Adapter Compatible
  • Battery Life: Approx. Two Months @ 3 Min Usage per Day for alkaline batteries
  • Automatic power off to save batteries
  • Low Battery Indicator
  • Weight approximately 350g excluding battery
  • One Year warrantee on the Monitor against manufacturing defects
  • Lifetime support assured

Check Blood Pressure with Safecare BP Monitor

You will need your Safecare Blood Pressure Monitor with batteries loaded and a arm cuff to test your Blood Pressure. Make sure that you use the cuff of the right size to get accurate readings on your Blood Pressure Monitor. Measure the circumference of your arm and determine which cuff is correct for you. select the cuff on basis of your arm circumference. The monitor is sold with with the regular size cuff as a standard package. Small and Large cuffs are available on request.

Small Cuff - Use on arm with circumferece between 16-24 cms
Regular Cuff - Use on arm with circumferece between 22-36 cms
Large Cuff - For Use on arm with circumferece between 30-42 cms

1. Tie the cuff firmly (do not tie very tight) on your upper arm is such a manner that the the single tube is on the upper side of your are if streched and the cuff is about 1" above your elbow. Attach the other free end of the tube into port on the monitor.
2. Sit upright and keep the monitor on a firm surface. Press the ON button on the monitor.
3. Safecare Blood Pressure Monitor automatically inflates the cuff followed by slow deflation. After this, it displays the Blood Pressure values in mmHg and heart rate in bpm(beats per minutes).
  • Specifications of Safecare BP Monitor

    • Product: Safecare Blood Pressure Monitor
    • Application: To monitor blood pressure
    • Size: 11x15.5x7 CM (L x W x H)
    • Weight: 350 grams (excluding batteries)
    • Battery Life: Approximately Two Months @ 3 Minutes Usage per Day
    • A/C Power: Socket for A/c Adapter Present
    • Display: Large Liquid Crystal Display (LCD)-83 x35mm
    • Measuring range:20 mmHg-300 mmHg (2.7 KPa-40 KPa)
    • Accuracy: ±3 mmHg (±0.4 KPa)
    • Pulse Measuring range:30-180 Beats/Minute
    • Pulse Accuracy: ±5%
    • Measuring time: approx 20~30 seconds
    • Memory Capacity:120 Blood Pressure Results
    • Use Environment: Temperature:5oC-40oC;Relative Humidity:<80%RH
    • Storage Environment:Temperature:5oC-55oC;Relative Humidity:<90%RH
    • Warranty:One Year Warranty against Manufacturing Defects(T&C)

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  • Warranty & Support

    • Support by Email, Telephone or Online
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    • Safecare BP Monitors is warranted against any defect due to defective materials or workmanship for a period of 1 Year
    • Guaranteed support and spares
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