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Safecare ECG recorders are ECG instrument featuring simultaneous 12-lead signal acquisition. Their features include high-resolution thermal array printing system, high performance single-chip computer and large memory capacity. The advanced features make it ideal for the ECG examination in clinic and hospitals.Three models of the ECG monitor are available with a 1 Channel, 3 Channel and 12 Channel output. With a color Graphical LCD display you can see the trace of the display before you take a print.

  • Small, Compact & Portable
  • High-resolution thermal printer
  • Records one patient’s ECG data in 9 seconds
  • Signal: Simultaneously 12 lead signal acquisition ECG using standard 12 leads or Cabrera leads:Modes of Operation :
    • Automatic/ Manual/ Long term/ Acquisition a lead 1min
    • Standard 12 leads : I-II-III aVR-L-F V1-2-3 V4-5-6
    • Cabrera leads: aVL I -aVR II- aVF-III V1-2-3 V4-5-6
  • Advantages of Simultaneous Acquisition/ observation/ Printing of ECG trace of the same heart beat cycle:Standard measurements of ECG parameters include P wave duration, QRS duration and T wave duration, P-R interval and Q-T interval are automatically calculated and printed.ECG trace database compliant to international ECG standard for printing out accurate ECG waveform, annotation, statistic diagram and lead marks.Rhythm Lead: Iï½Å¾V6 selectable (Any lead of 12 lead can be selected as rhythm lead)
    • Enables prompt detection and location of ectopic premature, classification and diagnosis of arrhythmia, classification and location of WPW syndrome, diagnosis of tachycardia with broad QRS complex, as well as diagnosis of intraventricular conduction block with little tolerance.
    • Enables examination of detailed ECG and improvement of accuracy and precision in measurement of ECG parameters without the randomness, variant and irregularity in single lead acquisition.
    • Enables accurate judgment of ECG variant by directly comparing the 12 lead ECG trace and location of ECG trace with lower amplitude, particularly P wave, U wave and etc.
  • Heart Rate : Display HR when HR from30 to 240 per minute
  • Digital filter to prevent baseline drift and automatic positioning of the baseline provide accurate ECG trace.
  • Alarms: Able to detect and alarm if any electrode disconnects during examination.
  • Indicators: LED indicator and LCD Color display show operation status of the unit.
  • Safety: Isolated input circuit guarantees safety standard in compliance to Class I type CF
  • Power D/c (Battery): Li-ion Rechargeable battery for approximate 50 tests in auto mode. Supports continuous operation when AC power supply is not available. Equipped with a battery charger and a system for battery capacity management and protection.
  • Graphical Electrode Disconnection Alarm
  • User Friendly Menu


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