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Safe Care Fetal Doppler Heart Rate Monitors has been designed to capture the first sign of a fetal heart beat. Being small, lightweight yet robust it will be reliable diagnostic tool for years to come.It is a low-cost and high performance fetal heart beat detector .It can detect real-time FHR (Fetal Heart Rate) and average FHR. It is suitable for use by the private obstetrician's office, antepartum clinic, obstetrical department of hospital and remote monitoring situations, or even for use at home.

  • Easy-to-use
  • Long life design
  • Dust proof
  • It has a large backlit LCD screen to display the FHR (FHR-801 only)
  • Has an built in Hi-Fi speaker to hear clear fetal heart beat sound
  • High-sensitivity probe can be changeable.
  • Optional 3 Mhz is also available
  • The probe is designed to be special fall-off-proof
  • It has an audio out put port which may be connected with an headphone or a recorder with audio input
  • It uses 9V alkaline battery which has a approximate life of 3 months in standby mode or a life of 5 hours of continual use
  • The rechargeable battery and recharger is optional

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