Image 2 Blood Lancets & Lancing Devices

To test your blood sample on any blood glucose meter, you need to draw a small droplet of blood from your finger tip/ any other soft tissue. Safe Care Lancing Devices and lancets assist you to puncture your forefinger painlessly to obtain a small drop of blood.

Safe Care Lancing Devices
Safe Care Lancing Devices assist patients to puncture their forefinger painlessly to obtain a small drop of blood to check their blood glucose values. Having an adjustable dial, the lancing depth can be set to an appropriate level for the individual depending on the thickness of his skin.

Safe Care Blood Lancets
Safe Care Lancets are manufactured with the greatest degree of precision to ensure a consistent blood sample for glucose sampling. Featuring the highest quality needle, a tri-bevelled tip dramatically reduces the trauma when the skin is punctured.


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