Just recieved machine and measured my own blood sugar. Excellent quality and result. Most important advantage it runs on just two simple AAA battery which is good quality as its routinely available.
-Dr. Kalpesh G

I Got immediate response and ACE Glucometer was delivered within 24 hrs of online booking. The service and the staff behind such prompt response is really appreciable. I liked the meter which is fine!
-Mr. Sharma B.S.C

Quick delivery, same day despatch! Happy with the product & delivery punctuality.
-Giridhar Laveti

Very good customer support. I am using ACE Glucometer. It is good and genuine product
Sankaran N

The delivery for quite immediate, within 24hrs. Thanks
- Srivastava K K

I am using your blood glucose monitors for last 5 years. Product upgrade and promt customer response of ur company impress me the most. Keep it up..
Vijay Kumar

I would also like to place on record our great satisfaction in using the GM3+ glucometers. So far, our teams have been able to use this instrument very easily and I am quite impressed with its features.
-Dr. Maya (NGO)

I have received test strip on time. Thank you for prompt delivery.
-Tarun Anand

The delivery for quite immediate, within 24 hours. Thanks
-Mr. Vaidyanathan T

I have gone through the site. Appreciate your work in serving the humanity
-Arasappan Srinivasan

Order consignment received promptly. Thank you. I am happy with your service
-Radhakrishnan S

Quick delivery, same day despatch! Happy with the product & Staff, the way they attends to customers needs. My specially thanks to Smt. M*** & Sri. S***
-Shashidhar T V

I have received test strip on time. Thank you for prompt delivery.
-Dr. N S Shenoy

Wondered to receive the order so quickly not even 24 hours. Thanks for the supply.
-Eswaraiah B

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Title GM3+ Glucometer Click to buy Glucometer online

About GM3+ Glucometer

GM3 Glucometer - Blood Glucose MeterGM3+ Glucometer (Glucose Meter) is the latest model of glucometer from Pulsatom Healthcare, manufacturer of India's first indigenous Glucometer (Glucose Meter). GM3+ Glucometer and Test-strip is manufactured at our factory located in the Industrial Suburbs of Bengaluru. It has been designed bearing in the mind your need for a Simple, Reliable yet Economical Glucometer for monitoring your blood glucose levels.

     GM3+ Glucometers work on the latest technology of the Amperometric Method of detection of Blood Glucose in whole blood offering you a much superior method of analysis of Blood Glucose levels in your blood compared to the photometric method of glucose estimation. GM3+ Blood Glucose Test Strips based on Glucose Oxidase (GOD) enzyme to give you reliable results.

     Review the GM3+ Glucometer's Features, Specifications and Pricing advantages as it will provide you all the information you need to know before you can decide on a Glucometer that will meet your Blood Glucose Monitoring requirements.

     We are confident, GM3+ Glucometers and test strips will assist you to maintain good health for many many years to come.


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