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Title GM3+ Glucometer Click to buy Glucometer online

About GM3+ Glucometer

GM3 Glucometer - Blood Glucose MeterGM3+ Glucometer (Glucose Meter) is the latest model of glucometer from Pulsatom Healthcare, manufacturer of India's first indigenous Glucometer (Glucose Meter). GM3+ Glucometer and Test-strip is manufactured at our factory located in the Industrial Suburbs of Bengaluru. It has been designed bearing in the mind your need for a Simple, Reliable yet Economical Glucometer for monitoring your blood glucose levels.

     GM3+ Glucometers work on the latest technology of the Amperometric Method of detection of Blood Glucose in whole blood offering you a much superior method of analysis of Blood Glucose levels in your blood compared to the photometric method of glucose estimation. GM3+ Blood Glucose Test Strips based on Glucose Oxidase (GOD) enzyme to give you reliable results.

     Review the GM3+ Glucometer's Features, Specifications and Pricing advantages as it will provide you all the information you need to know before you can decide on a Glucometer that will meet your Blood Glucose Monitoring requirements.

     We are confident, GM3+ Glucometers and test strips will assist you to maintain good health for many many years to come.


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